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Consultation Responses

If you wish to submit any comments or representations please either:

  • use the response form (see below), or
  • use blank paper or an e-mail message (but please remember to include the information requested on the form), or
  • use the online response form – Jotform (see below).


The MS Word (.docx) format version of the form can be downloaded from here: MS Word.  This version of the form will respond to adjustments of text box size and you can copy and paste additional text boxes as required

The .pdf format version of the form can be downloaded from here: PDF.  Text box size cannot be adjusted and additional text boxes cannot be added – please use blank sheets if required.

Use as many continuation sheets on the form or blank paper as you need; you may also do your whole response on blank paper and not use the form.  Please remember to detail the policy/project or section/page (etc.,) on which you are making a comment.

Please return all completed forms or submissions to the Deputy Clerk either by email to: or deliver/post to the Parish Office (address at the bottom of the web page).

Online Responses

If you only have a few comments to make, you may find it more convenient to use the online form, which uses Jotform.  You can input all the contact data required and your comments, which are stored securely.  To access the NP Response form directly, on the Jotform website, please click here.