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Published Parish Portrait

The document “A Parish Portrait” is a major supporting document to the Neighbourhood Development Plan in that it describes the history, geography, archaeology, natural and built environment of the parish and thus establishes the foundation for the character of the parish.

Originally intended as a section of the Plan, it became obvious very soon after starting that to do full justice to the area and all the aspects that we wanted to cover, that it would be a large section.  Rather than bulk out the main Plan and arguably deter people from reading the Steering Group decided that the Parish Portrait would be produced as a separate stand-alone report. The Main Parish Portrait report can be downloaded in .pdf format

In compiling this report it also became apparent that certain aspects were, of themselves, rather detailed and lengthy and so they have been abstracted and presented as separate supporting documents to the Parish Portrait.  They are:

Welwyn Heritage Trail  :  a description of how the Trail originated, the “stops” on the Trail with photographs and a list of sources for further reading if required.

Listed Buildings in the Parish    :  A list of all the listed buildings in the parish with their street addresses, descriptions and added notes.

Open Spaces in the Parish  :  A list of the major open spaces in and near the parish with a map and details of ownership. Location, parking and added notes, together with a list of sources for further reading if required.