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Funding to implement road safety recommendations

Hertfordshire County Council E-petition –  funding to implement road safety recommendations on B197 near Oaklands Primary School (Oaklands).We need you to sign the above e-petition in support of the urgent implementation of the AECOM (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operations and Management independent consultancy) road safety recommendations for the B197 near Oaklands Primary School (Oaklands). Implementing AECOM’s low to medium cost recommendations alone would help to improve road safety near Oaklands Primary School by reducing traffic speeds from the current 40 mph to at most 30 mph.

Following concerns raised about road safety on the B197, in 2017 a petition was signed by 353 concerned parents and local residents and led to a road safety study by AECOM which made a number of recommendations that were aimed at reducing the serious road risks to school children at Oaklands Primary School (and St. Michael’s Primary School in Woolmer Green as well as other vulnerable local people).

These recommendations, made in May 2018, have yet to be implemented. A funding application has been submitted to carry out the works and we urge for a successful outcome.

To find out more information and sign the e-petition please visit