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Welwyn United Charities

Welwyn United Charities is a local charity serving the parishes of Welwyn and Woolmer  Green. Its title name includes the word ‘United’ because at the beginning of the last century it was decided that the various ancient charities operating in the village should be organised and administered under one operating body of trustees. The term ancient charities is quite correctly used to describe these legacies as their ages range from two in the 16th century (Anthony Charleton and John Bexfield) up to 1807 when Daniel Spurgeon left a bequest for bread to be given the poor of the parish. Indeed, bread and coal was supplied to dozens of homes in the parishes right up until the 1950’s!

Today Welwyn United Charities actively support a wide range of local needs mostly by monetary gifts or grants or sometimes by supplying gifts such as food, household requirements or hampers for the elderly or sick. Beneficiaries include the elderly, the sick, the disabled, the schools and children’s centres, special needs residencies and hospitals, together with the health and wellbeing of the villagers (including the youth of the parishes). Particular consideration is given to requests from or for individuals requiring urgent assistance to help with their circumstances.

At present the total charitable giving is limited to a few thousand pounds each year as it has to rely on its income from investments and kind donations. As with many charities it could justify much greater giving should the funds be available and all donations, of whatever size, would always be very much appreciated. Any contributions will really help the community.

Should you wish to make a donation, find out more about the Charities or inform us of some individual or organisation you feel we might assist please contact us at the address below.


Charles Eggington, Clerk to Trustees, Welwyn United Charities (Reg No. 206474)

Telephone:  01438 715307  or email:

Note: This is run wholly separate from Welwyn Parish Council itself, although on occasions the Parish Council has provided Grant Aid support to Welwyn United Charities.