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Transparency Code – Quarterly Information

Under the Transparency Code 2015 there is a variety of information that must be published Quarterly and Annually.  This page sets out the information that must be published on a Quarterly basis.

Expenditure exceeding £500

The council has sought to exceed the levels set for transparency by:
a) Ensuring that all invoices are individually coded to a budget line which is as unambiguous as possible;
b) Including all transactions, including those under £500.  The only exception being individual salary payments (these are shown aggregated as Payroll and includes any National Insurance and Pension contributions) and refunds for hirers deposits (this is on the basis it is not council money being spent, only damage deposits which were held temporarily being returned);
c) Transactions over £500 are published on a quarterly basis – please click here for this information.

Government Procurement Card transactions

Welwyn Parish Council has no Government Procurement Card or equivalent in place.  The only Transaction Card currently issued in the name of the Council is for the purchase of fuel.  This is issued by BEFuelCards and appears in the transactions above.  Welwyn Parish Council has chosen BEFuelCards as it can be used at the petrol garage within the village and the number plate and mileage of the vehicle recorded each time.


Procurement information

For contracts valued at over £5,000 Welwyn Parish Council must publish invitation for tenders for services and/or goods.  Under the Financial Regulations adopted by Welwyn Parish Council for all contracts between £3,000 and £25,000 at least three quotes should be obtained. For those over £30,000 sealed tenders should be received.

Further Information

You can read more about the Transparency Code on the Government website: