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Leisure Facilities & Open Spaces Committee

The Leisure Facilities and Open Spaces Committee is chaired by Cllr Magdalene Benson and has a membership of seven councillor. It is an Executive Committee of Welwyn Parish Council with full delegated powers.

The Committee is constituted to consider the management of facilities and open spaces within the parish and has executive powers once general policy has been approved by Full Council with ongoing maintenance and budgetary control delegated to the Committee.

Powers and responsibilities:
• To deal with the provision and promotion of all matters relating to recreation, leisure, arts and tourism within the Parish
• To monitor and manage the Council’s assets to the highest possible level for the benefit of the community while within budgetary and resource constraints and in partnership with the community and other interested parties.
• To propose amendments to the Council’s budget as required
• Council assets include:
Cemeteries and closed churchyards.
War memorials.
Open spaces, woodland and common land areas under the Council’s control including Cob Lane Common.
All recreational facilities owned and managed by the Council including playing fields and sportsgrounds.
All buildings, facilities and land owned and managed by the Council including car parks, the Civic Centre, the Whitehill Centre, the Pavilion, the Parish Office, the public toilets, Acorn playgroup and rep school, Bowls Club, Sports and Social Club, and Tennis Club.
Structure maintenance including bins (litter/dog/salt), bus shelter, benches, play equipment, height barriers, and Christmas lights.
Any byelaws introduced by the Council.

Click here to download papers for the Leisure Facilities and Open Spaces Committee – agendas and minutes are organised in year and month order.