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Welcome to Welwyn Parish Council

Meetings Notice
From 7th May 2021 all Parish Council meetings and committee meetings will return to face to face meetings as per our timetable.

Welwyn Hatfield Local Plan

Hearing Sessions – Stage 9

Welwyn Parish Council were present at two of the virtual sessions:

10 March PM – Digswell and Oaklands & Mardley Heath sites (Dig 1, OMH 6, 7 & 9)

11 March AM – Welwyn sites (Wel 1, 2, 6 & 15)

These sessions considered the various representations made by organisations, developers, residents and Councils, to the matters raised by the Inspector relating to the exclusion of certain sites from the latest version of the Local Plan.  The Parish Council input can be found in pdf format for download here:

The Parish Council were represented at both sessions by Councillor Bill Morris and Dr Ian Skidmore (from the Welwyn Parish Plan Group) and in the Welwyn sites session worked jointly with Russell Haggar and David Cheek (both from the Welwyn Planning and Amenity Group).

The proceedings were recorded and can be viewed here:



Warning: Each session lasts for 3 hours +

The Inspector has further sessions to hear relating to sites outside of Welwyn Parish and after that will be compiling his report; this is likely to take some time due to the local council elections in May and the purdah period.

Neighbourhood Plan Survey

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has now closed the survey for input of both paper and online responses.  Overall we had a 28% response rate with over 1170 replies.  The confidence level that those replies are representative of the whole parish population, is 95% ± 2.4%.  The data from the responses will be available as a .pdf file to download from the Council’s web site in due course.  The replies are now being analysed to produce numbers and ideas for formulating policies and setting the direction for our future, in the various Plan sections.  More details will be published when available. 

Thank you to all who submitted replies, especially those who enclosed letters with additional views, opinions and suggestions.  The points made will be incorporated into our work and where possible we will reply directl

Response to Local Plan Consultation

The Parish Council has prepared a response to the Inspector of the Welwyn Hatfield Local Plan, in respect of additional sites that were excluded from the plan but which the Inspector is uncertain as to the soundness of that exclusion.  The Council believes they should be excluded. 

Please click here to see the response submitted.